19 Powerful B2B Direct Mail Examples [with an Insane ROI]

Let’s take a look at some incredibly effective direct mail examples used for B2B marketing.

First, we’ll start with Google’s direct mail campaigns. Google has many B2B products (Such as ads). The examples below show how Google use direct mail to acquire new business on its platform. Take note of how compelling the offer is (Free also works well for B2B).

Google’s direct mail letter format
They’re self mailer promotion
Postcard Promotion

This next example by Intel was run as part of a cross channel campaign to business customers using enveloped postcards. Take not of how they used brand consistency across the postcard and envelope. They used a simple message which is effective for raising awareness and invoking curiosity.

Intel direct mail pack

Okta ran this direct mail campaign “find your keys” which was one of the performing campaigns they’d ever run of any category.

Okta sales letter and direct mail pack

Why limit yourself to flat shapes? IBM’s folded origami direct mail demonstrates that there is no limit to what you can send in the post.

Ask yourself, what shapes could do with direct mail? Try to use come up with ideas which are relevant to the message you are trying to create. The Sales Force example below is a good example of doing this right.

IBM Creative B2B 3D Mailshot

Following from the example above, Salesforce chose an interesting shaped direct mail with the goal of communicating “Growth”. This is why the pieces are tall and vertical.

Salesforce growth mailer

Trust pilot’s eye-catching letters show a very clear value proposition.

There are 2 key things to notice about this campaign:

First, it is very targeted – specifically at training and education based businesses. A tailored letter was also sent to other segments.

Secondly, notice how simple and clear the value proposition is. There is not chance that a reader will be overwhelmed the first page, the more detailed information can be found on the reverse side.

TrustPilot business mailing letter

This large square direct mail postcard by Siemens is a much older example (but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it) for promoting a direct mail piece for their servers.

Using simplicity, uniqueness and bold popping colours are common traits of all effective modern direct mail.

Classic Siemens installation square direct mail piece

Sage are a good case study for how to craft effective B2B direct mail for Sass. Their messaging is clear and simple, with a clear call to action.

Sage Accounting Postcard Direct Mail

Further to the above, this Sage B2B mailshot is timed to be relevant to the tax year. Here are some other examples of how you can send direct mail based around a specific date:

  • Company Registration Birthdays messages (Send cards on the dates companies incorporated)
  • Start of the tax year for accounting related promotions
  • Christmas, or any other key promotional dates for your potential customers. (e.g. “Have you started stocking up for the Christmas rush?”)
Accounting direct mail example by Sage

Sage have also run effective B2B direct mail campaigns which are fun. This will trigger an emotional response for their accounting software which is memorable and google for their brand.

Funny direct mail example by Sage

Xero – another B2B accountancy software, has run this successful campaign.

Xero Accounting software Mailshot

The CAT examples show how effective simple direct mail can be used for promoting events and for promoting offers. Notice how prominent and compelling the offer is.

Using a good offer is as important in B2B direct mail as it is in consumer campaigns. Try to make it as easy as you can for your customer to take action.

CAT Postcard Promotion

Slack knows how effective sending real world post can be for making an impression, which is why they send these “customer love” boxes to retain customers. You don’t need to go this far, but it shows you how much companies like slack are embracing the power of direct mail.

Slack’s creative customer love box

The slack postcards are brilliantly captivating, slick and simple.

Postcard direct mail send by Slack
Clever slack postcards

For small B2B businesses such as this office interior design company. Use postcards to create an impact.

Interior design B2B service postcard

If your business runs events, sending direct mail follow ups can be a nice way to leave a positive impression and show potential customers that you care, such as this postcard from Intercom.

Intercom’s post event hand written direct mail

For more examples of creative direct mail campaigns, take a look at the 47 most creative direct mail campaigns we’ve ever seen.

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