Direct Mail Response Rates [Stats] – All you need to know

We’ve pulled together all the research and statistics available on direct mail response rates, combined with our own primary data. We looked at data across different campaign types, industries and demographics.

Average Open Rates

Open rates only apply to direct mail which is enclosed (e.g. in envelopes or folded)

82% Research suggests vary (57.5 – 85%)

Average Read Rates

Read rate is the % of people who scan or read a direct mail piece.

The average is:


* Weighted average, estimates vary between 38-48%

Average Response Rate

The industry average response rate for direct mail:


Response rates can vary significantly based on your target audience, type of mail, region. And of course this is just an average. The biggest factors are the creative, your offer, and how targeted the audience. For tips on how to improve direct mail see here.


Adding personalisation is known to improve response rates drastically. Adding a first name to a direct mail piece increases response rates by 135% on average.

+135% by adding first name personalisation


Under 30’s

36% of people under 30 look forward to checking their mail every day

What do people do with their mail?

How Mail Is Used Statistics – JICMail Q2 & Q3 2017

Mail Retention

Mail retention is the average length of time a piece of mail is kept in the household before it is removed. The longer your mail is retained, the more likely it will be to be actioned.

17 Days is the average time mail is kept in the household

Mail Sharing Rate

Mail Sharing rate is the average % of time a piece of mail is shared between multiple people in a household.

The average direct mail piece is shared 23% of the time

Average ROI

The average return on investment is the amount of revenue directly generated as a result of a direct mail campaign compared to the cost.

£3.22 is the average return from each £1 spent on direct mail

Combined with Digital ROI

62-69% Increase when direct mail is combined in digital campaigns

Our research shows a 69% increase when combining direct mail with digital channels. Similar research conducted by BrainScience reports 62% increase in ROI sponsored by Royal Mail. On average, direct mail increased ROI from £2.81 to £3.40 for every £1 spent.

Other Statistics

35% of UK Homes have a dedicated area to place Mail

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